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Mission Statement



Health & Safety: At Precision Engineering safety comes first, ALWAYS! We believe every employee has the right to work in a safe environment and reach home safely at the end of every workday. Every week begins with a safety moment presentation delivered by a Precision Employee to the entire company.

Ethics: Precision upholds the highest ethical standards when dealing with all clients, vendors, etc. Precision will not do business with clients or retain employees who do not exhibit a high moral and ethical standard in their work practices.

Customer Service: At Precision we move mountains to meet customer deadlines and go the extra mile to ensure every last detail is looked after. Our company procedures are designed to be flexible to the unique needs of our clients while still maintaining the quality that our customers expect.

Cost Competitive: For 30 years Precision Engineering’s philosophy has been to deliver outstanding services for a fair price. We believe in building long term relationships with our clients which means we are always striving to become a more efficient and productive company and pass those savings on to our clients. Because of this philosophy we are one of the few companies that grew during the 2008 and 2009 recession because of our commitment to fair and competitive pricing during both boom and bust cycles in the economy.

Quality: Precision has developed a reputation over the last 30 years of being able to consistently deliver a high quality design even on a tight schedule. Part of the reason for this success comes from Precision Engineering’s quality assurance program and procedures that are constantly being improved. The other half is the culture of accountability that we have developed right from our junior drafter to our stamping engineer. Every employee understands that they have an impact and a responsibility for the quality of services produced and this responsibility doesn’t rest solely on the stamping engineer. When quality checks and accountability exists throughout the project design cycle then the overall product is that much better.