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Jackfish SAGD Heavy Oil Production Pipeline Infrastructure (2008 to present)

Jackfish SAGD Heavy Oil Production Pipeline Infrastructure (2008 to present)
  • The expansion of the pipeline infrastructure for Jackfish SAGD has been an ongoing challenge for the past five years. Difficult ground conditions (i.e., extensive muskeg), client’s initial inexperience with the first Jackfish facility, and resistance from environmental regulating bodies made it apparent that a standardized, efficient approach to pipeline infrastructure needed to be in place prior to start-up of the facilities.
  • Precision was tasked with fully understanding the needs of the Jackfish facilities in terms of fuel gas, source and disposal water, oil blend, and diluents needs. Various methods were employed to ensure all necessary aspects were accounted for during the design. Utilization of common pipeline right-of-ways, low impact and minimal ground disturbance pipelining methods, and minimal right-of-way widths (i.e., minimal tree clearing) allowed for quicker approvals from regulators. This has since become the standard pipeline install methodology for this client.
  • Economic assessments to standardize pipeline material and external coatings were performed to simplify the procurement process for acquiring varying line sizes from 4 inch through 12 inch without having to order multiple wall thicknesses, grades, and coatings for each size. This simplified the construction process and removed some chance of error in installing the incorrect pipe for the service. The same was completed for the pipeline shop bends, risers, pigging assemblies, etc.
  • As part of the pipeline infrastructure, installation of wellsite facilities for both the source water wells and disposal water wells were tasked to Precision. The goal was to develop a standard design that allowed for flexibility among very large operating ranges and the ability to supply and dispose of water not only to and from one Jackfish facility, but all three. The standardized source water wellsite and disposal water wellsite designs are now the standard for the client as they continue to expand their infrastructure.