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Bonnyville and Lloydminster Cold Heavy Oil Production (CHOP) Pads (2006 to present)

Bonnyville and Lloydminster Cold Heavy Oil Production (CHOP) Pads
  • Due to the volume of wells drilled and tied-in over the period of a year (200+ wells), an extensive effort was made to develop a standardized and simple design with repeatability for all equipment on site. The success of wells of this nature and their longevity are very difficult to predict, so all of the equipment on site (i.e., 1000 bbl storage tanks, hydraulic drive skids to power well pumps, fuel gas conditioning units, instrumentation, valves, tank secondary containments, etc.) was standardized to allow for relocation to another well or pad site should the success of a well or pad be less than expected.
  • The recovery of heavy oil using this method is very low, thus for the production of the well to be economical and efficient, simplicity in construction is very important. Extensive work with Facilities, Construction, and Operations are conducted on a continual basis to improve construction cycle times.
  • Client maintains a bulk inventory of all equipment necessary for a well or pad site and relies on standardized designs to use this inventory and manage major fluctuations in delivery times for equipment.