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Red Rock and Kakwa Fields (2009 to present)

Red Rock and Kakwa Fields
  • The standardization of the wellhead highline, sand separator, line heater, wet meter skid, and general piping arrangement has resulted in an efficient design that allows for all of the components listed to be recycled throughout the field once equipment is no longer required on the well.
  • Extensive work with the Facilities Engineers, Construction, and Operations has resulted in a design that is suitable to all stakeholders. When specific pieces of equipment are no longer required due to flowing conditions of the well (e.g., sand separator and line heater), they will be isolated from service by Operations and relocated to the next pad site by Construction. Standardization has allowed for reduced costs on the next well or pad site.
  • A design review and improvement meeting is conducted annually to ensure alignment among all stakeholders to look for design improvements and potential ways to save on overall project cost. What is learned from addressing issues with prior designs and from operational data is implemented on designs moving forward.
  • Great emphasis is placed on developing a sound standardized design with simplicity and repeatability/recyclability, allowing for Construction to effectively and efficiently execute the project during the construction phase.
  • Extensive work and relationship building with Client’s programming and maintenance groups has allowed for greater improvement of standardization, not only within specific areas, but amongst other areas as well. This has allowed for standardization on maintenance related components, as well as standardization in automation, controls, and programming.