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Regulatory Capability and Compliance

Precision has extensive knowledge of Alberta regulatory matters. We have also gained expertise in the last few years in the regulatory requirements of British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. Our engineers have knowledge on the regulatory environments in these provinces as well as the ability to professionally practice engineering in these areas.

Over Precision’s long history, our organization has seen the regulations evolve to the current regulatory standards, and we have developed a very good understanding of these regulations. We have submitted several hundred pipeline and facility license applications ranging from simple routine pipelines to non-routine major facility applications. Precision also has experience in submitting experimental recovery scheme applications to the Alberta regulators.

Even though we are a small Engineering Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM) firm, the nature of our projects results in several license applications being submitted every month. While we see questions from the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) on a regular basis, they are usually resulting from non-routine applications where clarification is required to grant a license. These questions are always dealt with in a timely manner and rarely result in an application being held up. Our work in Bonnyville and Lloydminster on their Cold Heavy Oil Production (CHOP) wellsites, results in two to three applications being submitted per week on average.

While Precision has an effective understanding of the regulations within Alberta and other provinces, we also know when to seek out the advice of consultants if questions arise regarding, for example, the classification of a water body near a pipeline to be constructed. When this occurs, we always notify the client in advance to ensure they have not already approached this matter when acquiring the land for the lease, acquiring a drilling license, etc.

Again, because Precision's project managers and engineers fully understand and are engaged on a project from start to finish, they play an integral role in ensuring regulatory compliance, whether a site is deemed exempt from requiring a facility license or is deemed a non-routine application.