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Ferrier Pipelines (2012-2013)

Ferrier Pipelines
  • A large initiative was put forward to fully prefabricate and modularize pipeline risers and pigging assemblies in this area. Standardization between pig launchers and receiver barrels aided in this approach. While this initiative is still in the planning stages, shop fabrication vs. field fabrication costs and times show great promise.
  • The ability to install a simple four (4) to six (6) driven pipe pile foundation and set a complete pigging assembly mounted on a structural skid greatly simplifies the field construction process.
  • Being able to pipeline in areas with good ground conditions and having the ability to adjust ditch depth when coming into a riser site have made it possible to prefabricate riser assemblies and only leave the final tie-in weld to the pipeline. As a result, installation has been greatly expedited. The riser profiles and S-bend risers complete with standardized bend angle and radius allow for ease of field installation and reduced error when contouring the ditch profile to accept the riser.
  • This same approach has also been utilized by the client in their Jackfish pipeline infrastructure, but not on as large a scale. The advantages here were also quite promising, even though working conditions for riser installation are much more challenging.