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Examples of how Precision helps reduce Life Cycle Costs

  • Construction documentation including IFC drawings handed over to construction with adequate lead time prior to starting construction.
  • Centralized storage of all the miscellaneous components to be installed on site with a release number provided as part of the construction documentation. This allows for efficient transportation of items to site for install.
  • Performing adequate design reviews with all stakeholders to remove rework and expedite handover process to Operations. This also includes validation of equipment and components intended to be used and ensuring they are acceptable.
  • Having all procurement complete well in advance of starting construction with a complete material procurement summary including PO’s, release no’s, shipping dimensions, etc. included with the construction documentation.
  • Working with the various suppliers to ensure best value on material. This comes from adequate lead time for suppliers to source materials.
  • Providing adequate lead time for contractors to provide accurate pricing for installation on site.
  • Providing adequate lead time for prefabrication of piping, structural, etc. prior to field installation.
  • Contingency planning for unfavorable ground conditions when piling.
  • Engineering being available and providing timely responses to field install related questions.
  • Engineering being available and providing timely responses during commissioning and handover to Operations.
  • Consistency in all stakeholders within a given area. This includes suppliers, contractors, EPCM, and construction supervision.