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Facility/Pipeline Troubleshooting and Optimization Operating Facility Troubleshooting
  • Determining and understanding each process within an operating facility allows for the ability to effectively and efficiently pinpoint issues. Once the issue is identified, recommendations can be made to resolve and optimize the process.
Existing Facility Capacity Determination
  • Taking existing, operating facilities and stepping through each process to determine the capacity of each process. Once the capacity of each process is determined, an overall facility capacity can be determined. Recommendations then made to increase capacity or improve operations are then made.
Operating Facility Optimization, Debottlenecking and Expansion
  • Along with determining an existing facilities capacity, often results in optimization and debottlenecking. Having the experience and ability to effectively identify problem areas allows for accurate and cost effective recommendations.
  • Being able to understand existing facility processes, allows for effective recommendations and execution of facility expansion
Existing Facility Decommissioning
  • Often facilities or parts of facilities that have reached the end of their lifecycle are required to be decommissioned. Services include determining how to effectively remove existing equipment, installing bypass piping to jumper around equipment to be removed and ensuring maximum operating time during the decommissioning process.
Pipeline Troubleshooting and Optimization
  • Gaining an understanding of the existing process, pipeline routing, topography, piping restrictions and overall pipeline design, allows for effective recommendations to be made to resolve potential issues.
  • Pipeline looping, gathering system rerouting, liquid removal, operating condition modifications, etc. are all method employed to effectively optimize a pipeline or gathering system infrastructure.