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Willesden Green Gas Plant in Central Alberta (2009)

>Willesden Green Gas Plant

Willesden Green Gas Plant is a Multi-Well Central Gas Plant (10 mmscfd capacity) complete with Inlet Separation, Compression, Hydrocarbon Dewpoint Control (Refrigeration), Hydrocarbon Liquid Storage and Gathering Pipelines

  • Sweet gas wells producing natural gas, oil and water.
  • Gas Plant equipment consists of inlet header/manifold, inlet separation c/w metering, natural gas compression (2000 hp), refrigeration package, NGL storage, flare system, chemical storage, water disposal, utilities and pipeline riser(s).
  • Facility was constructed in amongst a Central Oil Battery and shared utilities/equipment wherever possible to reduce project cost.

The challenge with Willesden is to utilize existing contaminated lease and execute clean-up of contamination without imposing risk on the new battery construction.