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Fir Sour Gas Battery in NorthWest Alberta (2011)

Fir Sour Gas Battery

Replacement of an existing, undersized sour gas plant with a larger facility while still utilizing the same lease.

  • High sour gas battery (3-5% H2S) consisting of inlet separation, compression, dehydration, water and liquid hydrocarbon storage tanks, HP/LP flare systems, utilities and rework of the existing pipeline inlet and sales header area.
  • Challenge was to keep the existing sour facility in operation during construction of the new facility and facilitation of switching production into the new facility with two days or less turnaround time. This was achieved on time and under budget.
  • The new equipment and piping needed to be installed amongst the existing equipment, not compromising operation during construction.
  • The gas battery upgrade also included six new sour gas well tie-ins with associated equipment and pipelines.